Our objective is to be Trauma informed, create a safe space and refer people appropriately! During the training we will address the following:

  • A) What is GBV (Gender-Based Violence)
  • B) Understanding Trauma/How to be a Safe Space/Safe Person
  • C) Listening skills / Basic Counselling
  • D) Helpline Information and Counselling Services

Communities and Women’s Organisations can request tools from the 1000 Women Office and can host sessions, Training is also provided. All the tools and Manuals are available on the website and can be downloaded for your use at various training opportunities. Find the information on www.1000women.co.za

Contact info@1000women.co.za for tools and more information.

Cost: This course is currently Free

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Gender-based violence (GBV) life coaching is about gap analysis that closes the gap between the current life life of a client and desired life. The GBV life coaching Process is “the first step towards helping the client know” what they want. GBV life coaching is a holistic process that has the power to balance and harmonise life.

Contract info@1000women.co.za for tools and more information.

Cost: R 100.00

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